Independent Driving

 As many of you know the DSA introduced Independent Driving to the driving test in 2010.

  There are two forms in which the independent driving is to be done.

Firstly (and they aren't in any particular order) the examiner would give the candidate a series of three or four directions after which they would pull over in a safe & legal position. They would then receive three or four more directions but when they have pulled over once more, after this they would then get three or four more directions and when done be told this would be the end of the ID element.

Secondly there is the directions and "follow the signs for..." version. The examiner will ask you to follow the road signs to a certain place or head toward a certain place but never reach it, as you'll stop or turn off before getting there. Following the road signs is the important part here. You may also receive directions as part of this. e.g. "Turn left at the end of the road, ahead at the first roundabout, left at the second and then follow the signs for the train station." Once you receive the instruction to go elsewhere, after a while they will end the ID element.

Now all this sounds very, very stressful. Being asked to memorise a series of instructions or a map while having your driving scrutinised adds to that of being on your test anyway. However, don't stress too much, if you go the wrong way, it doesn't matter provided you do it correctly. For example if you're meant to go right, but you check the mirrors, signal left and turn left, that's fine. If on the other hand you check your mirrors and signal right but turn left then you'll get a fault as normal. So provided you drive as you have been trained to do during this period, you'll do fine. If you do forget, don't stress - ask, they can give you reminders.

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